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  Avoiding Financial Disaster With Your
Home Improvement Project

If ever there was a time to be careful with home improvements, it is right now.


With a property market that is flat or declining in most areas, home owners need to exercise caution when undertaking improvements to their home, whether they are just looking to improve the liveability of the home, or as a means of making a profit when the property is sold.


There used to be a time when the strong growth in real estate would result in a "profit" on just about any home improvements undertaken. The fact that in many cases the perceived "profit" was actually a loss, was hidden by the general rise in house prices.


Not any more. In the current property market, unwise home improvements can end up losing home owners many thousands of dollars – a heart-breaking scenario when many home owners are already taking a financial hit from soft real estate prices.


So how do you minimise the risk of your home improvement project turning into a financial fiasco?


Fortunately, there is a no-nonsense book which gives an across-the-board look at what can go wrong, and the steps to take to minimise the financial risks with home improvements.


Titled "The 10 Deadly Sins of Renovating for Profit", the book's recommendations are sensible and straighforward.


While the book is aimed at those who are primarily undertaking home improvements in order to generate a profit, the book is essential reading for ALL current or potential home owners, given that almost everyone who buys or owns a home will at some stage spend some significant amounts of money on improvements.


The 73-page e-book's price of $18.77 is a small price to pay for peace of mind when you are contemplating any alterations or improvements to your home. And, as an e-book, it is downloadable immediately after purchase.


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