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Why pay the Estate Agent's Prices?



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Firstly, Estate Agents make their money by taking a percentage of of the price every property sold through them. For example, a property that was sold for £100,000 at 1.5% commission, the Seller would pay the Estate Agent £15,000 for selling their property. So, what do they do for this money?

The answer is - not a lot. Short of making a quick valuation of the property (which can be easily done by finding out similar property sale prices), and putting up a sale board - You almost do the rest yourself.

The real issues are handled by Solicitors.

ByeByeEstateAgents.com allows you to advertise your Property for Sale for just £110. This fee is not once a month, or once a year - It is a one time only fee (per property) that keeps the advertisement up until it is sold.

If you are a landlord and wish to let our properties - ByeByeEstateAgents.com allows this also. Newspapers can charge anywhere between 40-60 pounds per week, Letting Agencies also can cost you far too much. ByeByeEstateAgents.com charges simply £60 once every 3 months.

Check out the site.

All property services are free until May.


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