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Quality of Off Plan Property is the Key to Contract Flipping in Spain


Susan Lintell

a short guide to contract flipping, or buying off-plan property in Spain and selling oin the contract for a profit before completion and final payment. (PRWEB) March 5, 2005 -- How to ensure profitable contract flipping, or buying off-plan property and selling it for a profit before completion and final payment, is one of the questions Magenta Estates, based in Jersey in the Channel Islands is most frequently asked. Although Magenta does not give financial or legal advice, we have lots of practical suggestions, and can help our clientst o make the right decisions. The art of contract flipping is to maximise profit and minimise headaches and aggravation, by buying from a quality developer and choosingthe right property. This applies to all property markets, not just Spain. The trick is low payments and a long completion date. But most important is choosingthe right estate agent, one who will help you every step of the way, and works with developers who have a good reputation and track record, and deliver what they promise, on time. It is also important that the infrastructure of the development is completed together with the properties. An don't forget the added value! The best choice is a property which is on a golf resort, and is unique, special and desirable. The differentiation will maximisethe capital growth and rental income potential, and therefore the resale potential and value. Another good choice is a fantactic residential development in an authentic Spanish village or town, near golf courses, facilities and airports, and which is in limited supply. Choose a property that is so good that you wouldn't mind keeping it yourself! The property merket in Spain is the most consistent performer and all indications are that it will continue to grow. Magenta Estates goes out to the building sites to examine first hand the construction of residential and commercial developments. So if you want the best property in Spain for flipping, living, renting or holidays, contact Magenta Estates on e-mail protected from spam bots for more information.



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