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Property Investment Opportunity Opens Up In The UK


Mark Bennett

Recent legislation changes now make it possible for unclaimed land and property to be transferred free of charge. Substantial property portfolio's can be created for those who are prepared to follow the new procedures. (PRWEB) June 15, 2005 -- For many people the thought of unclaimed land and property simply does not seem to be logical possibility. However, savvy property investors are doing just that. Unclaimed land and property are being legitimately transferred to those who know the right procedures. The background rests with the way in which title to land and property in the UK has traditionally been demonstrated and transacted. For centuries ownership of land and property in the UK was in the form of title deeds. This vast amount of paper, usually tied up with red ribbon, used to be the only way to demonstrate unfettered and out right ownership of property. These papers represented a chronological order of change of ownership over the decades with the most recent detailing who is the current owner. With the advent of modern computers all this was meant to change with the introduction of a centralized Land Registry. The idea was for the bundles of title deeds to be done away with and replaced with a Land Registry certificate. This would represent the owner’s title to the land or property. For certain property transactions the law now requires that unregistered land be registered with the land registry and over time all land and property would be registered in this way. The Land Registry Act 2002 came into force on 13th October 2003 to tidy up previous legislation as compulsory land registration progressed. However, because title to property does not transfer as frequently as some might expect this has left an estimated 7 million unclaimed land and property plots throughout the length and breadth of the UK. Now for the first time it is possible for ordinary individuals to have this unclaimed land and property as their own. However, the procedure is not straight forward and for the uninitiated clear guidance is required. Fortunately, this is to hand in the shape of a new publication “Make Your Fortune With Free Land & Property. Further details can be found at http://www.unclaimed-property.co.uk Contact: Mark Bennett +44 7890 866240 e-mail protected from spam bots



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