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Sandra Patti - Central NJ Properties

Marketing Your Own Home

Your home is your most very valuable investment resource. Although you may not want to pay a real estate commission, a Realtor can actually save you valuable time, money and a lot of stress and unnecessary aggravation.

The average homeowner places a For Sale sign on their front lawn, a sign on their street corner and pays for an expensive ad in the local newspaper. In addition, they waste a lot of valuable time by holding Open Houses every weekend and are disappointed when this does not produce the desired results and they do not receive a contract of sale on their home. After losing 4-8 weeks of time, they ultimately call their local Real Estate agency. 79% of all Real Estate transactions are handled by Real Estate professionals.

Realtors with full service Real Estate companies have the expertise to market your home with many resourceful tools that get your home advertised to the buying public at large, not just locally, but all over the United States and across the globe as well. A full service Real Estate agency will implement an aggressive marketing strategy. Real Estate companies have powerful internet advertising, by which they will be alerting thousands of current home buyers in the market place about your home. Many homebuyer's today are sitting in the relaxation of their office cubes or home PC's and searching for homes by surfing the internet. This is why newspaper advertising simply won't do. Listing your home with a Real Estate company will lead to a quicker sale and the potential for maximum offers, that may dramatically increase the offering price of your home and may provide maximum capital gain for you.

Further, when you market your home yourself, you have no idea who is entering your home and what their financial background is or what their real intentions may be.

When you utilize a Real Estate agency, the buyers that walk through your doors are people that have been pre-approved and interviewed by a Real Estate professional. We know this buyer can afford to purchase your home, that your home is the style they desire and the neighborhood they actually want to live in.

Installing, a lock box on your home allows Realtors to show your home to the buying public at the buyer's convenience, greatly increasing the odds of a sale. In this busy work a day world, not all people work 9-5 work hours, many work shifts and are not available to view your home in the evening or on the weekends, so your home will not be shown while you are at work or on vacation. Relax and go about your daily routine by not having to wait home for the phone to ring and for buyer's that never show up for their scheduled appointments. Let your Realtor do an Open House and go out and enjoy the day and your family. Showing your home yourself is a physically, mentally daunting and challenging task.

Realtors also negotiate the sale of your home, which can become quite a heated debate. Having to negotiate the sale of your home with the buyer directly is quite a difficult, emotional task, because it is hard not to become personally and emotionally involved when it comes to negotiating price and terms. A Realtor acts as a buffer, a liason between the seller and the buyer so calm and equitable negotiations are performed between Realtors and their mutual counterparts. Realtors also provide smooth transaction continuity to make sure all parties are performing as expected. We attend your home inspection to get a heads up on inspections issues. We constantly interact with all parties including the attorney's and home inspector to make sure inspection, termite reports, radon issues, well and septic tests are performed on a timely basis and that all reports are reviewed promptly. We interact with the mortgage agency as well to make sure the buyer has submitted their loan package and that the mortgage commitment is being prepared on schedule to close on the date set forth in the contract. When it comes to repair negotiations Realtor help the attorneys and buyer and seller come to quick and equitable decisions for all parties. We sometimes also help coordinate moving schedules between the two parties and follow up to make sure all utility accounts are transferred.

Your Realtor will attend the closing and make sure the final walk through has been performed and has gone smoothly.

Your home is your most valuable resource and should be best placed in the hands of an experienced Real Estate professional for the very best results.


Sandra Patti is a Realtor in the central New Jersey area with the full service agency Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. Homes listed and sold in Somerset, Hunterdon, Mercer & Middlesex Counties of New Jersey.


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